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VestChain Job Description

Translator/Interpreter (Korean Language)

Jobs Description

We understand perfectly well that expansion in the Eastern direction is the key to success in the modern economic conditions. That is why we are looking for a person who would help us communicate with our Chinese partners. We would like to hire a translator/interpreter who would accept our key principles of tolerance and respect.

What we are waiting from you as for your requirements and competencies:

  • Fluent Chinese;
  • Experience of simultaneous interpreting;
  • Translation/interpreting from English to Chinese and from Chinese into English;
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting on the meetings, negotiations, and conferences;
  • Translation of the documents;
  • Organization of the internal meetings;
  • Document management in the area of responsibility;
  • Interaction with the foreign colleagues;
  • Stress resistance, readiness to work with a big volume of information.

What we can propose to the successful candidates:

  • Official recruitment;
  • High salary;
  • Fancy and comfortable office;
  • Convenient, well equipped working place;
  • Professional and career development ;
  • A cool team of professionals.

We appreciate our specialists, that is why we are ready to create for them the best possible working conditions with the corresponding compensation and future professional development.

Cooperation, commitment, equality, fairness, democracy, and solidarity are our main principles.